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The Media Lab a research institute of MIT founded in 1985 to invent and creatively exploit new media for human well-being and individual satisfaction without regard to present-day constraints
Media Filter Keep Media Free
Center for Media Education (CME) promotes the democratic potential of the electronic media.
Advertising Research Foundation works to improve the practice of advertising, marketing and media research in pursuit of more effective marketing and advertising communications
Media History Project resources for historical research on media
The Allodium - compiles "under-reported" political news, finds alternative angles to conventional reporting in an effort to "help citizens recapture the tools of public discourse."
Media Watchdog - an excellent collection of online media-watch resources, with an emphasis on organizations exposing the biases of the mainstream media
FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) - national media-watch group advocating greater media pluralism and the inclusion of public interest voices in national debates. FAIR publishes
Extra! FAIR's award-winning bi-monthly magazine;
The Media Literacy Project - an online project devoted to helping students develop an informed and critical understanding of the nature of the mass media, the techniques used by them, and the impact of these techniques.

INDEX on Censorship - a bi-monthly magazine for free speech, widening the debates on freedom of expression through interviews, reportage, banned literature, and polemic from some of the world's best writers
Project Censored - an annual nationwide media research project created in 1976 to explore and publicize the extent of censorship in our society by locating stories about significant issues of which the public should be aware, but is not, for one reason or another
Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Freedom of Press, Speech and Association - a grassroots campaign for online intellectual freedom
Voters' Telecommunications Watch
The Freedom Forum a nonpartisan, international foundation--the largest of its kind in the United States--dedicated to free press, free speech and free spirit for all people
The Freedom Forum Resource Page with links to articles on subjects such as race and the media, religion and the media, and international media issues
Media Studies Center, an institute fostering public understanding and professional insight of how the media work
Ralph McCoy's Freedom of the Press: An Annotated Bibliography - an invaluable reference work on freedom of expression, with an addendum containing the most recent reports on court decisions and other activities for and against censorship
Democracy Place USA a Web site for civic journalism and citizen participation in the public policy debate
Center for Media Education's Campaign for Kid's TV - a project focussed on developing responsible policies for children's needs in the area of electronic media
Children Now a site including links to studies on children and the online media
Media Research Center (MRC) a conservative media watchdog organization: tracks and analyzes virtually everything in the national media
InfoAmericas 2000 - Communications for the 21th Century0 an information resource for the Americas on telecommunications and information technology and the laws, regulations and political debates that govern them
Internet Society A non-governmental International organization for global cooperation and coordination for the Internet and its internetworking technologies and applications: how Internet innovators are creatively using the network
The Political Investigator Online magazine of political review and investigative journalism. PI is dedicated to exposing the abuses and excesses of power in our world
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
Action Follows Reflection Politics of the USA & the Middle East by P. Balles
Irregular Times Political potlick and cultural commentary from an irregular perspective
The My Ego Times TMET -- A Non-Anarchistic Libertarian/Existential Philosophical Resource Exposing Right Wing Hypocrisy
Project Censored Educating people about the role of independent journalism in a democratic society

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