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New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
USA Today
Christian Science Monitor
Washington Times
Financial Times
Investor's Business Daily
The Great Speckled Bird "Underground" liberal newspaper
U.S. Politics
The Los Angeles Times

The Economist
Liberty Unbound the web site for Liberty magazine, the bi-monthly libertarian (classical liberal, or individualist) review of thought, culture and politics
The American Prospect Home Page A Journal for the Liberal Imagination
The Positive Press Good news Every Day!
The Atlantic Monthly's Politics, Economics, Art, Science
The Hill newspaper The weekly newspaper for and about the U.S. Congress
The Shadow NYC's incomparable underground newspaper A nonpartisan resource on U.S. public opinion
The Daily Republican Special news updates on NATO air strikes in Yugoslavia
My Turn (by Robert Paul Reyes) Political Columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
The New York Sun
The New York Post
The Jewish Press
The Huffington Post Online newspaper

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