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Debate Politics A US government political debate and discussion forum
Real Opinion A discussion forum where visitors are encouraged to voice their opinions
Common Ground - Common Sense A place for liberals, moderates and independents to have real discussions on issues that impact us all
SqlSpace - The No Censorship Zone Breaking Political News and Discussion
It's All Politics World and National Political Forums Index
Politics & Current Affairs Online Forum
Voloconvo Heated Debate and Discussion
StopThemToday Political articles on current topics of global relevance
The World Forum International political news/discussion site
The Digital Anarchy Project Anarcho-Capitalist Zine and Forum
Liberty Nation Political discussion forum for libertarians, liberals, conservatives and others
Politics Cafe News, government links, forums, polls and more
The Peoples Voice An information forum on politics, democracy, human rights, environment, economy, science, and social justice issues
QuorumCall A politically-oriented web site, providing relevant news headlines, insightful commentary, moderated forums and political satire
One-Revolution A discussion forum for political and social issues
Speak Out Political and news debate forums
Big Government Now! Lobby against Libertarianism
Patriot Debate American Political Debate Forum
Good Politics Radio - Alaska by Garry Gamber
Hank Roth's "Progressive News and Views"
The D'Anne Burley Show on Truthradio.com
The Massachusetts Liberal Voice
Hot Air America Political news, satire and humor depicted in cartoons, photos, illustrations, etc
LiveReal.org Politics & Events
Hell South Conservative opinions from a easily irritated Republican
TRG Polity Nonpartisan community for direct democracy and True Republican Governance
Law Enforcement Talk A public place to discuss interactions with all forms of law enforcement
Freedoms through privacy

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