Colombia (4:4 Elections)

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Elections in Colombia by Wilfried Derksen
Elecciones 2002 - Elecciones 2003 Terra
Gobierno y Política ¡Qué Hubo!
Referendo Colombia's upcoming 2003 Referendum
Colombianos por el Referendo Solidarity page of Referendum to modify the Constitution
Ingrid Betancourt Colombian Presidential Candidate for the 2002-2006 term; kidnapped
Gustavo De Roux Independent leftist candidate for Cali's Mayor 2003
Camilo González for Governor of Cundinamarca Leftist independent candidate for the Department of Cundinamarca (PDI candidate
Lucho por Bogotá Luis "Lucho" Eduardo Garzón - Independent leftist candidate for Bogotá's Mayor 2003 (PDI candidate)
María Teresa Montoya Candidate for Medellín's Mayor 2003
Mauricio Tobón Candidate for Medellín's Consejo 2003

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